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About us

Pack&Food News website is a completely new concept compared to other specialized publications for the packaging and food industries. The new online platform presents daily news and original content created by experienced journalists.

‘Today is a Pro News Day’

Pack&Food News is a EUROEXPO Fairs product, the largest B2B fair organizer in Romania, which has in its portfolio 10 exhibition brands.

The stories on this website are about business professionals and are dedicated to business professionals.


1.We are a niche website. But we are the only one in Romania that covers the packaging&food area.

2.In marketing, what matters is to get to your target audience (even if it is less numerous) than to reach a general audience. If you have 1,000 target readers, you must now that they are more valuable than one-million readers of general news.

3.Platform of integrated communication (website, social media, e-mail marketing, youtube).

4.Original premium content for the targeted audience.

5.An ENGLISH version where you may find the most relevant articles for the Romanian market.

6.A platform where our partners may always announce and promote their innovations.

7.If you don’t believe us, you must know that we can always provide Google Analytics.